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Concert Review: La Sera

Seeing a band perform live for the first time always makes me anxious—especially if it’s one of my favorite bands. To me, it could either be a hit or miss—the performance either confirms my love for the band, or it can turn me into a disappointed critic that listens to their music secretly.

It’s safe to say that La Sera didn’t disappoint me when I attended her show on Friday November 12, 2012 at the Chapel in San Francisco. In fact, the bands’ performances were much more than I had expected, that I left the show with 2 new vinyls in hand. 

The She's
The show opened with San Francisco-based all girl band The She’s. Despite the fact that they seemed a little bit nervous and new, their surf pop-rock sound, melodic harmonies, and well-written songs impressed me. They reminded me a lot of the Best Coast with an altogether better live sound—less distorted vocals, less talk about weed, and a much more fuller sound. There is no doubt that these girls are talented and extremely mindful of their music. While I thought they might be a bit younger, it wasn’t until I chatted with a few of the band members in the crowd that realized that they were significantly younger than I initially thought (All members are in high school). I’m positive that The She’s will blow up in the upcoming years.

La Sera
Next up for the final act was La Sera. Katy Goodman (of Vivian Girls) proved that not all indie-rock bands sound mediocre live; her performance definitely proved her talent as a musician and a songwriter. It is apparent that she knows exactly what she’s doing. Her sweet-sounding melodies, catchy bass lines, and pop punk sound a bit different from Vivian Girls’ usual low-fi tunes, and her songs about love and heartache are well crafted that they didn’t seem repetitive or boring. Guitarist Tod Wisenbaker’s crazy guitar skills also added a fresh element to the performance, proving that this side-project isn’t just some half-assed hobby. Katy along with her evidently seasoned band members managed to keep the house full and the heads bobbing throughout the night.

La Sera played songs from both her newest album “Sees the Light” (2012) and self-titled “La Sera” (2011). Watching them perform some of my favorite sing-a-long songs made me appreciate Katy’s musicality even more. This performance, especially their encore of The Smith’s “Still Ill,” definitely confirmed myself as a La Sera fan.

Here’s a video of the entire performance:

And my favorite songs from the show:

The She's - Then It Starts to Feel Like Summer

La Sera - Never Come Around

La Sera - Love That's Gone


Jamie Santiago

Happy Hour Oysters

There aren't many places near campus that sell oysters, let alone for a good price.
But there's a little restaurant called "Sea Salt" that has a place close to my heart.

Located on 2512 San Pablo Ave, it's only a quick bus or bike ride away (I've walked to it once, wasn't the best idea however), and I've since started a tradition from my freshman year, where me and a group of friends would bike on over and enjoy oysters for a pleasant Monday evening.

Their oysters are usually $3, but during happy hour, they go for just $1. The best part is, on Mondays, they extend their happy hour from 3-6 PM to 3-9:30 PM, making it a good spot for dinner on a Monday night if you're feeling a bit fancier. A great way to make those miserable mondays a little more bearable!

Click here to check it out, I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Jon San Miguel

Cal Street Style: Friends Squared

Here's another pair to share with you today!

Loretta Chan (left) is an intended Business major and Bella Calliva (right) is an Economics major.

Allyson Camitta

Movie Review: Red Dawn

What would you do if your town suddenly became the starting point of a foreign invasion? What would you do if your father was murdered right in front of your eyes? The young people of Spokane, Washington in Red Dawn form a guerrilla unit called the Wolverines to gain back their town.

Red Dawn is a remake of 1984’s film of the same name; it’s an attempt to provide a new take using modern warfare tactics and artillery. Dan Bradley, director of Red Dawn, provides effective battle scenes, swift stunts, and heavy-duty explosions to create a realistic North Korean invasion situation. This is no doubt, another great weaponry performance by the director who is notorious for his work in the Bourne and Spiderman series as well as Quantum of Solace and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Chris Hemsworth also provides a solid film performance. He not only flutters the fans, but also delivers the emotional content needed for the film. In fact, his acting saved the plot from being bluntly cliché; his sincerity and masculinity acting skills carried the film.

There was unfortunately dubbing done for the North Korean actors in order to change from the originally filmed Chinese script. Although this was done in order to reach a broader market, it failed to strengthen the film content.

Till the end, the film makes the audience anticipate the town’s well-being and roots for the underdog Wolverines. Many of their friends and family die beside them in the fight, but the film nevertheless shows us the strength of courage and unity.

Look at this trailer and watch it in theaters!

Dooee Kim

Cal Street Style: Friends Squared

Today's dose of street style comes in pairs!

Bare Blogger Allyson Camitta spotted Obi Onyenedum (left), who is an Interdisciplinary Studies Field major, and Ofe Etchie (right), a History major.

Allyson Camitta

Cal Street Style: Grant

Name: Grant Mason

Year, Major: Junior, Molecular Toxicology

Describe your style: My style is whatever catches my eye. For jeans, I get whatever fits me well. As for jackets, I look for something that has some flare. 

Favorite song of the moment: Open Heart Surgery by Brian Jonestown Massacre

Quick! Aliens are about to steal all of your personal belongings for scientific research, but you are able to save just one item from this horrible fate.  What do you save?
My cat Tiberius

Grant is wearing shoes from Heyday, glasses from Solar Shield, and jacket from an antique store in Southern California.

Allyson Camitta