A fast recap of FAST's annual fashion show

Doreen here... got back a little while ago from FAST (Fashion and Student Trends)'s fifth annual fashion show. I nabbed a front row seat and managed to snap a few decent, albeit fuzzy, photos and video to share with you all on the BARE blog.

FAST is Cal's fashion club. They spent the past semester organizing this show: recruiting the models, creating the garments, raising the funds, etc. They had great turnout; Pauley Ballroom was pretty much packed, and the vibe was great.

15 student designers showcased their work. My personal faves were Christine Chang's "Technicolor" collection, Ella Khan & Zara Khan's "Youthful & Fresh" collection, Theresa Lee's "Rocker Wear," Katy Tsai's "Spring Casual Wedding" and Paul Tran's "Phantom / Teen Drag Queen" set.

Loved that the crazy colors Chang used lived up to the "technicolor" in the title of her collection. Zara Khan (right, with BARE's Rachel Freier-Miller) and Ella Khan's lineup featured great styling, I thought; great use of accessories. Lee's collection took some risks with fabrics -- thought I saw some (faux?) leather up there. I really liked the wearable nature of Tsai's garments; also, they were well-crafted, I appreciated that a lot. Finally, Tran (left, with Rachel and BARE model Arielle Scott left) Tran had some truly creative cuts and materials in his outfits -- he played with mesh, boas, bows, and some wacky, bold colors -- it got the crowd rather rowdy.

Enjoy the photos (can click to enlarge 'em). I shot video for the final model walks at the end of each segment -- missed the first one, but I got it for segment two and three -- but I'll upload those tomorrow. G'night!

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