Ode to Ombre

(above from left to right, Diane Von Furstenberg, 365$, Crispin & Basilio Flutter Dress in Blue Ombre, 418$)

I would like to take a moment to express my love for this spring/summer's Ombre trend. For those of you who don't know Ombre (also known as dip-dyed) is a type of dying process that fades colors from light to dark or from color to color, think of it as a more sophisticated and couture version of tie-dye. Ombre comes from a french word literally meaning shaded and is a very labor intensive dying process. What does that mean for us? It means that while Diane Von Furstenberg and others were parading exquisite Ombre dresses down the catwalk this spring, we lowly college students probably will never be able to afford any good quality Ombre clothing. Its a type of dye process that must be done by hand and has not been able to be mass produced as of yet. I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Ombre; It can be overpowering or just hideous when done with the wrong colors but when done right Ombre can make the perfect summer dress or sophisticated gown! Ombre isn't just for dresses either! Prada has a very chic line of black and white Ombre shoes, Ombre bags are in style (although i'm not a fan of the plastic ones), and even Victoria's Secret has a very sexy Ombre bikini out this season. My favorite picks are combinations in the citrus range (also a trendy color this season) like yellows and tangerines, especially when mixed with fuschias and pinks! Above are my two absolute favorites and below are your best bets for more affordable versions for those of us on an under 100$ budget! :)

(Below from left to right, Heartbreaker Ombre Racerback, 14.99$, Lux Twilight Dress, 49.99$)


  1. oh my gosh! I absolutely love this -- I didn't even realize it was a trend. But you're right... if it isn't done right, it's probably pretty bad looking. The photos you chose are fantastic though!

  2. Hey! Have you seen the DIY post for ombre leggings/tights here?


    I haven't tried it, but hope it works out for you!