Urban Outfitters: Trend, or Obsession?

Jenni reporting:

I am the first to admit that I am an Urban Outfitters fanatic. Almost every time I walk past the Berkeley store, I invent some new excuse to pop in, telling myself that I won't buy something this time. I mean, the store is in such a convenient location and besides, from time to time I need a stress reliever aside from yoga. So why not, I ask myself. I know I'm not the only obsessed one either: friends and acquaintances have admitted their fixation to me and some of them reach deep into their pockets to satisfy their expensive urges. The part that freaks me out, though, is that I often recognize strangers around campus whom I had seen in Urban on more than one occasion.

Ok, now go back and read my last sentence. To restate: I have become so entrenched in my Urban obsession that I now start to only notice people based on their clothing/our mutual shopping location. I'm quite worried that I might've crossed some kind of really dangerous line. In doing some soul searching, however, I've come to the conclusion that there really is only one solution: I need to stop by American Apparel more often.


  1. ooohhh love all of these picks! And whatever, judging people by their clothes is totally valid. ;p JK!

  2. Are they planning on moving back to the corner location?

  3. probably...if they ever finish the renovations that is