In a NY State of Mind

Hey everyone! I have a few moments of rest before I head out with a friend to wander around Chinatown, so I thought I'd catch you guys up to what I've been doing.

First off, I'm SO lucky to have gotten my internships at Radar and Teen Vogue, and thrilled that I get to spend my summer exactly how I've always dreamed. I applied for the internships early February and booked a flight out to NY to do interviews over Spring Break. Fortunately, I heard back from a few places right away and got to work tidying up my portfolio (and most importantly, picking out what to wear!)

Getting the internships seems to have been the hard part, because my first day at Teen Vogue consisted of everything I already do. I kept catching myself looking over my shoulders waiting for someone to reprehend me for reading fashion blogs, but I kept forgetting that reading fashion blogs IS my job.

I'm living in an NYU dorm with another blogger, Casey at Teenfashionista, and we both have jobs working at the online editorial department at Teen Vogue which makes things super convenient since I've got a ready-made go-to pal for exploring the city.

The best thing about the location is that it's exactly 2 blocks away from all the best shopping. Besides the standards (H&M, Forever21, Mango, Zara), there's also Uniqlo, Marc Jacobs, Opening Ceremony, Intermix, Anna Sui, Philip Lim, People's Republic...oh god. Actually, take a look for yourself:

Ack, right?

Also, there's this, er, store that I found a little more than amusing.


I've only been here three days so I haven't been able to do too much yet, but feel free to post questions or requests of anything you want me to post about.

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