Photoshooting the day away at Tomatina

We didn't get to throw tomatoes, but we did get free food, drinks and wonderful service at Tomatina as we took photos for an advertisement and article. Afterwards, we also discovered that they have free WiFi!

Here's some snapshots from this morning. You'll of course recognize Mimi Xu, devoted BARE staffer, and Jenny Zhang, one of BARE's models (from the latest issue, the blue shoot) and a FAST club member. Plus, some newbies were in the house today!

We were so excited to welcome new models from quite distant shores: Caroline, Ciara, Heather, and Eimear from Ireland. They just got to Berkeley last Wednesday, and it was great to be able to have some international representation in the mag! You can of course look for this feature in the next issue of BARE -- scheduled for back-to-school in late August/early September.

Nathan Lui was our handsome photographer this morning, and besides the food and the people, he managed to get some artsy shots.

Case 2: artsy shot- "reflections"

Planning the menu for the photoshoot with Tomatina executive chef Rogelio Jacinto.

Menu, menu, menu, the models ate well!

Our helpful server, Tammy, model and sustenance provider.

Dough balls.

Part 1 of the photoshoot with Jenny and Mimi at the bar -- Rachel showing the gals how to eat mussels.

Now Jenny and Mimi munch away. "Crunchy," according to Mimi.

Nathan takes a break from snapping away, gals munching away in the background.

After the shoot, Nathan and Rach look over pix. Notice the rather empty plates, we ate up all the leftover food after the shoot because it was SOOO good. I highly recommend the piadines! Oh, and of course in the new issue there will be plenty of coupon stuff for Tomatina, so you'll have even more incentive to go over there.

And, I leave you with a very low quality video of Rachel directing the four lovely ladies from Ireland. Can't wait to see the photos in the mag! =)

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