Who Will Make "Le Smoking" Les Sexy Now?

Part of what made Yves Saint Laurent one of the most enduring figures in fashion, both commercially and artistically, was a unique and timeless sense of style and beauty that shows in the fact that you could still pull a Le Smoking suit on and be ready to tackle any serious sartorial event. There's been a lot of talk about how Saint Laurent was, arguably, one of the last great couturiers – the world could never have witnessed his Trapeze collection without being fundamentally changed – but there's also been plenty of discussion about which designers best represent the post-couture era of fashion as it is developing.

Who makes your list of post-couture giants? Lagerfeld, for keeping Chanel sexy and profitable? Or maybe Prada for her nearly endless creative ingenuity? Hedi Slimane's razor thin silhouettes are still felt long after his departure from Dior Homme.

And as Linda Richmond would say:



  1. can't see the first pic! what's it of?

    ps. I think it's interesting you bring up design AND business in KL's case ... just like in the theater biz or entertainment in general, it sure is great to make something artistic, but if it don't sell, no cigar! (that sure fits with the smoking theme, huh!)

  2. nevermind, now I can see the first picture, sorry about that, don't know why it didn't work the first time :/