Denim Cutoffs

Just a quick intro.... my name is Nancy, I'm going to be a sophomore at Berkeley, I generally dress as if I'll be attending a funeral, and this is my first attempt at blogging so you'll have to bear with me.

Denim cutoffs have been a summer staple since ... well forever, but I find myself shying away from them. I wear strictly dark denim because I have it in my head that it'll make me look taller and leaner. So why do I stay away from the denim cutoffs? Well first of all my legs are about as pasty as they come so I've gotten pretty used to wearing tights under just about everything. Second, for some reason the frayed hems of denim cutoffs remind me of those ugly Abercrombie skirts that, I will sadly admit, I used to wear when I was fourteen. Don't get me wrong, generally I think cutoffs they look great on the girls I see wearing them around campus but I have never been able to get the image of my short legs poking out of some stone-washed, frayed skirt I just "had to have" out of my mind. Still I thought I needed to break out from my VERY limited denim selection and try something with a lighter wash.

So I was browsing around Sway (on Blake and Telegraph) instead of sitting through a boring lecture like I should have been and on my way out, lo and behold, the perfect pair of light wash denim skinnies. They weren't shorts so I didn't have to worry about my white legs making an appearance and they fit nicely. I'm not quite sure if $44 is a good deal for a random pair of jeans, especially when one is living off ramen noodles and PB and J, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave the store without them (trust me I tried). Now that I've taken them home and given them another try I think I quite like them. They look a bit more summery than my usual pair of dark jeans although I'll probably ruin it by wearing it with all the black that I own.

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