Another blog post about back to school

The day has come for all of us to wave goodbye to the summer and return to Cal ready to ... errr learn. Unlike the back to school days in highschool most college students couldn't give a hoot what they wore on their first day back. Or alternatively some make an effort at first and then fall back into that haze of sweats/basketball shorts and Cal hoodies/t-shirts. In fact the hot weather lately has made even me, queen of excuses to overdress, dread picking an outfit that won't leave me in a puddle in front of Sproul.

Still dreading it won't keep tomorrow from happening so I have to suck it up and just pick. I am honestly a person that has to pick my outfits a day ahead otherwise I'm left in a panic just staring at my clothes with about a million thoughts running through my head (although I'd probably look like my head was pretty empty if anyone saw me). Usually on the days that these episodes occur I get so frustrated I just leave the house in my Cal sweater and jeans. However, a resolution I made with a friend has forced me to try as hard as I can to NOT sport the sweater/jeans combo. Just a few alterations can take your ensemble from being boring and frumpy to appearing as though you actually care *which in my book is a good thing. So in order to prevent future mishaps I've come up with a few strategies that may be ...of little help to you but I'll share anyway!

1. umm I mentioned this before but pick your outfit a day ahead, I swear it saves me so much time!
2. experiment with the clothes you've always wanted to try but have never had the guts to, its the perfect campus to express diverse style so you'll feel like less of a weirdo here than anywhere else, take advantage.
3. layering is pretty basic at Cal because the weather can be slightly unpredictable. ie it'll be super hot and then freezing if you're standing under a tree?
4. its class not the prom
5. replace crocs, uggs, and rainbows with shoes that are actually cute (sorry if I've offended anyone but its a problem!)
6. don't try tooooo hard, if you've bought a few new things for school spread the love, there's no reason to wear everything at once on the first day back.
7. don't listen to me all I wear is black

p.s. sorry I don't have any images with this post but I left my camera at home. I will however have some images up tomorrow.

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  1. #2 is SOOO true! I love that about Cal!

    PLEASE please post what you ended up wearing to your first day of school this morning. Just take a pic when you get home!!