Business Casual... sort of

Being a student at Cal doesn't provide a lot of opportunity for dressing up. This can be a bit problematic for me, seeing as most of the clothes I own seem to be a little dressier than what people might deem appropriate for running to class. "Why are you so dressed up? Where are you going?" Ugh, I hate that. So getting a position as a marketing intern for an up and coming German skincare line was exciting for the experience sure, but possibly just as exciting for giving me an excuse to wear all the borderline "too dressy" outfits in my closet. I'm not exactly sure what the hell business casual means either, I don't actually own any dress pants, and have only one white button down that I rarely ever wear (mostly because it makes me sweat). So basically for my current job I am just wearing what I would normally always wear to school.. if I woke up in time to do so.

p.s. sorry for the HORRIBLE pictures but it was early in the morning and I wasn't about to wake up my roommate for an impromptu photo shoot.

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