The Classic Blazer

Apologies for my lack of posts but my good old roommate decided to go home for break and took her camera with her. Thus I had to resort to ordering my own camera (for a great price) and was waiting for it to be delivered. Anyhow my mom and a few relatives came up from SoCal to visit last weekend. During our visit to the city I insisted on going to Ralph Lauren in order to try on their classic navy blue blazer that I have been coveting since seeing it on Alexa Chung (British famous person). They were all out of course, apparently they're hard to find, but the nice gentlemen let me try on one that was on hold and in my size. Ugh, probably on hold for some skinny spoiled brat. Anyway the jacket fit like a glove and looked amazing! even my mom agreed. It was all going great until I flipped over the tag expecting to see a price in the 300 to 400 dollar range and was slammed with a number closer to a thousand. Well that was the end of that and I walked out feeling sad and disappointed. The day was not lost though because I ended up with a great classic black blazer from Theory AND it was on sale! My uncle decided to be cheeky and suggested I buy some gold thread and sew the Ralph Lauren Crest into my new blazer. Har har. Still Theory cuts a great blazer as well, not quite as snug and perfect as Ralph but it fits better than any other jacket I've tried (usually they're too big in the shoulders). I've been wearing it everyday since I got it and can assure you that my friends will get sick of seeing me in it, but I can't help it if it happens to go with everything.

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  1. Nice post. Photo's kinda dark, seems like a really cute jacket though. It does look like it fits you really well!