If the Sartorialist came to Berkeley...

I'm going to begin this post by apologizing for my poor photography skills. Also I only managed to take two pictures because my camera died, typical. Still I thought that the students I did shoot were great examples of Cal's diversity in regards to fashion. Whether you're stylin' a bright pink skirt and some killer boots, or staying low key with a simple button down and jeans, there is (almost) NO excuse to be seen jetting around campus in sweats and a Cal sweater. I promise to remember to charge my batteries and take more than two pictures next time. Right as my camera died a tall student (European I think) walked past me in a button down, red shorts, and leather loafers... it was a very sad moment indeed.

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  1. Weren't these girls hot?? Is has been really hot in berkeley over the past few!

    Sheesh, a black jacket, a scarf? Wow. =)