JIGSAW... not the puzzle

Being a marketing intern is great, but it doesn't exactly pay the bills, and by bills I mean clothes. Enter Jigsaw on Berkeley's own little shopping strip, 4th street. For those of you guys that have never been on 4th street its lined with a great array of boutiques and cosmetics stores like Benefit, Bare Escentuals, and MAC. I had never heard of Jigsaw before I applied but apparently its all the rage in London and after having worked at the store for a few days I can see why. I am being completely honest when I say that they really have some great pieces. I'm partial to the unBELIEVABLE quality of their cashmere and leather as well as their accessories. But of course there's always a catch. Even with my very generous discount I still cannot afford ANYTHING at that damn store. Here's a quick example. On my second day on the job a customer asked me for the price on one of our new leather jackets, "Of course!" I said and casually flipped over the tag. Before I could stop myself I blurted "OMG its $800!" ...probably not the best way to sell a jacket. Still if your parents have blessed you with a fat wallet or are looking for some unique pieces to invest in or if you just want to stop by and keep me company definitely check it out next time your on 4th!

One of our accessories walls

What I wore to work today

My very fashionable coworker, Morgan
p.s. Almost her entire outfit is vintage or thrifted

Me posing in Jigsaw clothes. We had to create day to night outfits and have our pictures taken to send to corporate...don't ask me why. I'm wearing a shirt and a skirt pulled up all the way to my chest to turn it into a dress. Also I'm pretty sure that fedora is going to be mine very soon

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  1. Omg, your last outfit is gorgeous. totally chic night getup. LOVE it.