Results are in: Yellow makes me happy!

Tried the color experiment last week. I wore as many new colors as possible and noted reactions. I found people treat me differently in yellow. It's true! Yellow made me smile more. It made me joke and bounce around more. The extra shazaam I got from wearing the color naturally made me a more agreeable person.

Of course this got me thinking... Everyone's heard the creepy guy with the moist palms and greasy hair tell you how a color enhances your skin tone, brings out your eyes and other jibberish. Everyone knows how (despite your immediate need to blow him off) you feel pretty good about that outfit. But maybe it's stronger than that.

For example, I adore reds and yellows because it brings out the highlights in my skin and hair. It's not the clothes. It's about how clothing can show you in a way you admire. If I don't feel "Arielle" emanating out of the clothes (figuratively guys, c'mon!) why should I wear them?

If you think about it, it's just clothing. It molds itself to you and does what your body tells it to. So find every single item that makes you feel like yourself and (pretty please!) burn everything that's just faking it.

PS I wore this to my internship at ZipRealty and felt damn cute. I bought the jacket at Goodwill for $8 & the comfortable arse shoes from PayLess for $20. How's that for college budgeting??

Ciao, Arielle Patrice Scott

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