A sneak peak view of Verrieres & Sako's new collection

I had been excited all week since receiving an invite to attend a sneak-a-peak event for Verrieres & Sako's Spring '09 collection. BARE staff writer and stylist Cheney Chen, new staff member Poornima Muralidhar (with her bf Rick in tow), and I (with my bf Evan joining too) hit the streets of SF yesterday to the JW Marriot by Union Square to attend the Verrieres & Sako private showing.

We didn't know what to expect (the invite said fashion show, photo shoot, and collection viewing -- turns out it was a photo shoot staged as a runway show, and attendees could browse the collection too). It was so cool getting to talk to the designers, Kimie Sako and Stephanie Verrieres, seeing all the organized craziness of getting the models ready for the shoot (we arrive around 1:15pm, models said they'd been there since 10 a.m., and had only just started shooting), and getting to actually see all the clothes up close.

This sneak peak is particularly awesome too. Turns out, Verrieres & Sako's Spring '09 collection has made it to New York Fashion Week! Plus, they have a feature coming up in September's InStyle magazine.

It was such an honor to attend the event, talk to the designers, and we took a lot of pictures to share with all the blog readers. So, enjoy!

Poornima (left) and Cheney (right) hold up two Verrieres & Sako dresses. The ruching on the dresses was so meticulous, and the fabric, we thought, would be so perfect for a cocktail party or night on the town. They also had this dress in a gorgeous teal color and red.

Two racks full of dresses, blouses, and suits for us to look through. It included the Spring '09 line and some of the Fall collection as well. Kimie Sako told us that media often like coming to these kinds of events because, unlike at a runway show, you can actually see the clothing up close here -- it was so fun seeing all the stitching work up close and seeing how incredibly well-made these clothes are.

An important part of each photo is the styling though too, and that includes a girl's best friend -- jewelry. The lady in the background of the photo was at the shoot just to bring accessories. Here, the stylist (right) is putting a gorgeous gold and teal-jeweled necklace on one of the models.

A better shot of the dress with the accessories; there was a matching ring for the model too.

Now, the designers, Stephanie (left) and Kimie (right) evaluated the look. Turned out, the necklace attracted too much attention, so they opted for pairing the teal dress with only the ring instead.

Teal dress makes its way down the runway. The photog was at the end of the runway snapping photos (you can see the lights there on the right side of the picture).

Another Verrieres & Sako dress going down the runway.

The BARE crew watching the runway show/photo shoot at the Verrieres & Sako sneak-peak event.

Another model getting hair done before her shoot. We thought it was cute how she was on her phone throughout the pampering.

From left to right: me, Stephanie Verrieres, Kimie Sako, Poornima, and Cheney. We BARE girls finally managed to steal the two talented designers away for a quick picture. Thanks Verrieres & Sako for inviting BARE to the event!


  1. Only one more yechy BUSH day, then it's OBAMA-for-the-planet. And some of the Verrieres/Sako frox will be on hand (er, bod) to witness it.
    I just found this site because I want to write these ladies a fan note...

  2. Do you know what dresses? Or on whom? Where did you find out about that. Very cool!