This Weather...

is very confusing. Lately its been more difficult than usual for me to pick out outfits for going to class. I am what you might call very very weather sensitive, meaning that when its cold I am usually FREEZING and when its hot I feel like my face is about to melt off. Today was another such day when I wasn't sure what to wear to class *read previous post regarding sweats and hoodie combo. It was grey and gloomy outside but I didn't want to wear my coat, and would not permit myself to wear a hoody. So I opted to wear a sweater, skirt and tights and see how it faired in Berkeley's unpredictable weather. Overall I think I did pretty well although I was kind of cold on the walk home and kind of hot after walking all the way to North Gate Hall. Still I wasn't wishing I had worn 10 more layers and I didn't look as gross and sweaty walking into class as usual. Hooray!

p.s. This sweater is one of the most colorful pieces I own... if that tells you anything about me and colors.

I should really tidy up my room...

My roommate says these shoes make me look like a cowgirl gone punk


  1. That first picture of you is so cute. I really like the outfit coloring.

  2. I really like the boots too. I'm not sure they'd look good on me though, but where did you get them?

  3. I got them on ebay! There are loads of vintage boots on ebay, and lots of times you can get them cheap. I got mind for exactly 10 dollars.