BARE's first general meeting of the year

wednesday, september 3.
room 229 dwinelle.

Presentations from the Executive team about everything you can do as part of BARE, the calendar of upcoming events and workshops, meeting BARE senior staffers, looking at the timeline for producing BARE's issue 4, food, music, more copies of the new issue of BARE if you didn't already snag your very own, and more!

Got questions? Leave comments.


  1. Hi, I just came across my issue 2 and I wanted to know a) where I could grab issue 3 and b) how could I get involved in the magazine since I missed the first general meeting. you could reach me at Thanks!

  2. hey i missed the meeting

    can i still be a part of BARE?

  3. Hi, I'd like to be a part of Bare as well and I missed the meeting. When is the next one and how can I get involved? My email is


  4. I've also missed the meeting and would like to receive more general information about the publication.

    When is the next meeting and how can I get involved?