"Huh? A fashion mag in Berkeley?"

Ever since inviting The Daily Clog to attend BARE magazine's upcoming launch party last week, a bunch of blogosphere rumblings have been asking exactly that! So I would like to take this opportunity to tell the community a little more about us.

BARE magazine is an all-student-produced publication at UC Berkeley exploring fashion as
more than just cloth on a body. We aim to represent creativity and inspiration, ingenuity, and passion. Passion for art, passion for the aesthetic, and passion for one's own tastes, biases, and self-expression.

Some of the bloggers got the impression from our blog that we are more Sartorialist-style. While we are still experimenting with how we'll use this blog for content, the magazine itself is actually more diverse we cover topics from social issues to high fashion to designers around Cal.

The photos below are from a photo shoot BARE did last semester (for our second issue), featuring the work of local professional designer Erin Mahoney. The photography, modeling, directing, and styling are all done by undergrads at Cal. The photographs (taken by Tao Ning, a Cal senior last year and modeled by Cal sophomore, JJ Johnson) accompany BARE's interview with the designer.

If readers like this content, we'll definitely post more of BARE's past work on the blog. And, if you're a Cal student who'd like to join the staff, our brainstorming session for BARE's
fourth issue is tomorrow.

So to the fellow bloggers, we say, "Yes! There is a fashion blog from UC Berkeley!" We think the work is pretty good, and hope you do too.

pink and white dress
above: Pink / white lanteen dress, $520

flower dress
Italy floral white gown, $850

blue dress
Backless blue / white dot gown (price upon request from designer)

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