ABA Fashion Show

Last Friday the Asian Business Association held their annual Charity Fashion Show and Bare Magazine was there to catch the action. The Julia Morgan Theater was an excellent venue for the production and packed with well-dressed (for the most part) business students and friends. With brands like Roxy, Quiksilver, Ben Sherman, G Star, BCBG, and Adidas being showcased in the show, it wasn't exactly the fashion parade we had in mind BUT forgivable considering that they are a business (not fashion) club. The performances were entertaining, the hosts likeable, and overall a great turnout!

Blog Editor Nancy Kim with the lovely ABA President



aba 1


  1. More pictures please!! This looked like fun!

  2. Hey, it's Chris in the last photo!

    He actually wrote the first bill to make BARE an ASUC publication! A little trivia for ya... =P

    I second Diana's comment! More pictures please from the ABA event!