Another Project Runway Reaction

As my friends and I huddled around the pathetic television screen that possibly could never contain the fabulousness of Project Runway, we were all rooting for our favorites. Of course, it was either Korto or Leanne (if you liked Kenley, get yourself checked about that attitude problem).

Well lets get to the bottom line.

Kenley's debut was all over the place. Maybe it was just the company I was with, but everyone seemed to agree that her collection lacked focus and cohesive tact. The only outfit we were somewhat amused was with the cream dress with cascading floral designs (though I have to admit that I was impressed with the art she put into each outfit). Every piece belonged in different and distinct outdated shows and she definitely does not have the aesthetics of a (modern) woman. Can I hear an amen?


Now Korto was the one we all put our faith into. She seemed the most dedicated to the art and had the most consistency throughout the show. The Asian buns didn't seem to go too well with the African inspired theme, but her collection was a step-up (well, maybe a flight of stairs) from Kenley's. And yes, I agree with Michael that the simplicity yet impeccable twist she put into the final look was amazing. Perfectly paired with barely visible heels that reveal the sultry of the dress.. Definitely runner-up worthy.


Last but not least, Leanne did amazingly. The soft color pallet, with the cream, white, and Tiffany's turquoise, showed so many different ways of wearing the single idea of the wave. Each and every look was structured like an architect (taken from my friend, who is an architect major) but draped for a modern woman. It's hard for me to choose a stand-out look for this collection, since it was so eclectic in a good way, but the wedding gown just blew me away. I can die happy!


All-in-all, this season was a one that set standards a bit higher. However, we were wondering what would've happened if undeserving Kenley was replaced with some of our earlier favorites. Terri was sure to bring on a "fierce" show or (my personal bias as Marc Jacob's apprentice) Wesley's interpretation of the wedding dress. Can't wait for season 6!

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