Easy Win For Leanne Marshall

leanne project runway

If you're an avid follower of Project Runway, then you were most likely parked in front of your TV tonight for the season finale. There was a lot of buzz around the finale since the finalists were three women with strikingly different tastes, but as the episode progressed, that was where the intrigue ended. We weren't blown away by any of the collections, but the clear and ultimate winner was Leanne. Even though Leanne's collection was monochromatic and repetitive, she did take a risk and used creative forms, which is more than can be said about Kenley's collection which was accused of borrowing ideas from major designers. Korto's collection was imaginative, but didn't have the polished look Kenley's did. Overall, underwhelming but it won't stop us from tuning in to watch next season.

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