MURS stops in Berkeley to mix up music… and fashion

LA-based underground rapper, MURS (which, you’ll never guess, stands for “Making Underground Raw Shit”), stopped by in Berkeley Tuesday night for a performance to which over 70 people crammed into Rasputin Records on Telegraph Ave. to watch. He’s touring to promote his seventh solo album Murs for President, which I think is his first since he signed with a major record label, Warner Bros. Records. The new album is inspired by MURS’s belief that hip hop needs to be elevated from the latest straight-to-ring-tone singles about sex, drugs, and violence to its original form of art.

Art also rules the fashion senses of MURS fans; the crowd came in all their hip hop, hipster, second hand, mis-matched, color-coordinated glory. They were clad in fitted caps, MURS and Obama t-shirts, loosely draped scarves, and Vans. It’s a mix of styles reflecting the mix in music MURS brings – he has techno sounds over hip hop beats and his fans are of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Here are some photos I snapped at the event. I think you can really get a sense of how diverse the fans and fashions are.

Murs 1

Murs 2


  1. yea murs!! lovin the new album, and the dvd is hilarious! i can't wait to catch him on tour! quik did such a great job mixing this album too!

  2. I didnt even know the Murray's Revenge DVD was for sale. I have to get it!!!