The Plaid Coat

The Plaid Coat


While Mother Nature has graced us with an extra month of warmth, it’s apparent that the chilly weather is well on it way to the Bay Area. It seems that now would the perfect time to introduce the fall coat. The ever so reliable coat has allowed us to wear dresses during September and flawlessly shift into the freezing winter months with jeans.

Many designers have come up with their own interpretation of the classic coat, this time in a plaid print.

Marc Jacobs had dozens of plaid options at his baby line,Marc by Marc Jacobs. [Okay this one isn’t exactly plaid, but sue us.] Wear it with a matching hoodie and it suddenly becomes an outfit fit for the streets. Or try this one from Urban Outfitters($88, with a built in hood, to avoid the hassle of layering.

This season, Ralph Lauren returned to his signature smart plaids that go so well with his modern American aesthetic. Sure it’s warm, but the unstructured cut of this coat especially gives it a lightweight feel. Try one without a cinched waist, like this one from Forever 21 ($29.90,, to bring out a similar effect.

The houndstooth prints were are so overplayed and now the fashion gods have brought back plaid. Designers have shown that by playing with proportions and color (by gosh, just look at that color!), the old coat has revitalized itself for the new season.


  1. I think the UO one is kind of ugly, bu t the other ones are definitely cute.

    I'm wondering if trench coats are in style?

  2. Trench coats are one of those rare items that will never go out of style. The revamped trenches should be approached in the classic khaki and blacks and worn in innovative ways. Make the trench the main focus of the outfit and style it with textured tights (stayed tuned for a blog on this coming soon!).

  3. Cool. I'll look forward to that post!

    Also, can you guys do a post about accessories. Like particularly... the best stores to find cheap accessories, and also like what are the basic accessories everyone should have in their closets. I'd really like to know.