The Scarf and Necklace Combo


Alright so for this post, I had the perfect outfit in mind. I vividly remember jotting down notes in my Moleskine during the 2008 fall collections and recalled two designers that combined two fashion basics to pack a dual punch! I searched for thirty precious minutes of my time on runway sites and could not find the inspiration but here is the trend regardless.

I’m talking about the silk scarf and chunky necklace!

So don’t doubt me just yet! We’ve all had encounters with beautiful ethnic scarves (DO NOT even bring up mufflers with me; I believe they’re created by the most pathetic Los Angeles designers) and we’ve all collected some colored chunky jewelry along the years. Now, as long as the color palette matches try putting them together!

So I found this two-toned scarf at Charlotte Russe ($12.99, that would go with either purple or grey jewelry. I suggest layering neutral necklaces as well as specific shades, like these I found at Urban Outfitters ($16.99, $19.99, and $19.99 respectively,, who’s having a major online sale BTW.

For this look, it’s about getting the mixture just perfect. Though tedious, sit in front of your mirror and try on unexpected combos. It’s my personal favorite ‘cause you don’t even need to go out and buy separates. I’ve spread the secret amongst you, now divide and conquer!

Trend Journalist
John Kim


  1. thank you so much for this! its always a problem for me to have both. Now I can successfully try to wear them!

  2. Found some spins on this trend in the Spring 2009 resort collections of Jean Paul Gaultier and Lanvin.
    Not quite, but definitely close. Check out the last few pictures in their collections at

  3. When you combine a scarf and a chunky necklace do the two items need to be in the same color palette? I always have difficulty matching the colors of accessories with outfits.