Trendy Leggings


We all know that sooner or later, leggings will fade into the abyss of recycled fashion. But before it becomes the new taboo equivalent of shoulder pads, we want to burn it out!

For fall, designers just could not bear not showing some leg in the cold, so they compromised it with tastefully textured tights (try saying that ten times).

Karl Lagerfeld was praised once again for the Chanel fall collection in Paris. But what stood out to me, above the impeccable tweed, were the slashes of prints on the tights. But don’t worry if you budget is not on par with Chanel’s; settle for ones by Forever 21 ($6.80, These can be great season transitional pieces or that unexpected peek-a-boo in a conservative outfit.

Now for the real trendsetter in you, Rag & Bone and Members Only did surprisingly outgoing but chic rubber leggings. While the ones from Members Only run at a modest $88 (, we found one at American Apparel for half the price ($44.00, These may be a little tricky to wear so minimize the color and cut of your outfit and stay with the rock-and-roll theme.

Ten years from now, we’ll be wondering why tights were ever trendy. Let’s just embrace the moment and go crazy with these modern leggings before they end up in the photo albums.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't include these!

    (in black)

  2. I like the forever 21 and Chanel ones, but ugh! Those stretchy weird leggings look SO uncomfortable, and not to mention a little weird and rubbery.

    I dunno. Totally not my taste, weird.