What is... tomorrow's fashion jeopardy night!

For everyone attending BARE's fashion jeopardy night tomorrow, here's a teaser.

See if you can get these five questions from last year right.

1. It is one of the oldest designer brands, which began when its founder opened a luggage store in Paris in 1854. Name the brand.

2. Which phone-throwing supermodel turned her domestic violence into a catchy t-shirt slogan in 2007? (Bonus points!: If can you name what the t-shirt said?)

3. Which designer held a spot on Italy's Olympic Ski team?

4. Which famous athletic shoe brand, started by Stanford University graduates, was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports?

5. The origin of the word "denim" is related to which southern French city?

Good luck! Check back here tomorrow for the answers.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Louis Vuitton
    2. Naomi Campbell: "Naomi hit me… and I liked it"
    3. Emilio Pucci
    4. Nike
    5. serge de Nīmes Nīmes Nmes is a city and commune in southern France