Alexander Wang VS Phillip Lim


This week and the week after has and will be dreadful. My laptop broke. Alright so the weeping has got to end but in the meantime, I'll come up with lots of interesting stories for you guys.

So just last week, Alexander Wang was named the 2008 CFDA Fund Designer of the Year, which is, like, a big deal. This huge news didn't really come to anyone's surprise for he has been the newcomer favorite for about a year now. I remember doing my third round of runway evaluations for last years Spring 2008 (yes, I usually look over the collection three times) and remember reviewing this unforeseen designer. I was shocked but amazed that someone threw models onto the runway denim and cotton pieces actually wearable on the streets. After further evaluation, I was happy to hear that he used real models as his inspiration for that collection and thus (I unofficially declared) the urban-wear era was born.

But to my surprise, I found his recent victory at the CFDA to be shockingly similar to relatively newcomer Philip Lim. Lim's line, 3.1, was the hit of the new voice of his generation. Young girls, girls that now wear Wang, were all over Lim's delicate flower detail in his work. Who could forget the amazing rosette trapeze dress that went like hot cakes at Nordstrom (and Forever 21 did copycat versions of). He took quite different inspirations from on-the-go women (as opposed to the fantastic lifestyle of models that Wang epitomizes). He thought of the powerful woman who still didn't want to compromise dressing up.

It's interesting to see the transition "it" girls have now made, from the pretty little white chiffon dress to ripped jean shorts with distressed tights. Though I much prefer the classical renditions of Philip Lim, I see the practicality of Wang's work. I'm probably the only one on the BARE team who still fantasizes about Lanvin rather than Balmain. Besides, no one can pull-off coats and statement ruffles everyday!

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  1. Can you post pictures of what you mean? Or where can I find the best pictures that show this?

  2. "Phillip" has two Ls.