We just got back from the Fashion and Student Trends' (FAST) bi-annual student-produced runway show. This year's theme “STATEMENT” featured original student designs made with eco-friendly materials.

show 1

Of the seventeen designers who showed, three collections really stood out. Elizabeth Chan and Jocelyn Fong presented a surprisingly luxe collection made with purely salvaged materials. Military-inspired hardware and rich, saturated colors gave a sophisticated feel while clever accessories (a bag for example, was made with a metal dishrack-turned-cuff) lightened the mood.

show 3

Kelsey Johnson presented a series of looks that injected everyday objects such as shopping bags and candy wrappers with a whimsy reminiscent of Viktor & Rolf.

show 2

Paul Tran ended the show with an avant-garde collection of sculpted paper, armored hip-plats, and structured bustiers that were decoupaged with fashion editorials and ads; a literal celebration of fashion in all its forms. Tran's garments were a fitting end to a show that gets better every year.

Overall, the aesthetic drew upon old-school glamor; strong, feminine silhouettes that played with proportion, texture and color. We can't wait to see what FAST has in store for the future! More pictures on the BARE blog over the next week from the event.

--Marcus Leung and Connie Wang

Image credit: Jack Wang and Kelvin Lin


  1. Oh wow, I totally agree! Paul's work at the finale was AMAZING! I LOVED his outfits he presented... it looks like they took a lot of time.

    Some of the others were like that too... you could tell they had spent so much time on these clothes; I was really really impressed!

    Total step up from last year. Way to go FAST! Thanks BARE for putting up pictures SOOO fast!

  2. Daaaaymmnnnnnn! That's is the flattest stomach I've ever seen. Whoa. That takes gusts to strut that outfit, but then again maybe not for her because she has such a nice tummy.

  3. Can you guys post some of the other outfits too? There were some purple and gold dresses I liked from near the end of the first segment...PRETTY