The Leopard Scarf


If you’re like me and check up on numerous fashion blogs, you’ve probably seen the x-long Louis Vuitton leopard scarf wrapped around the necks of very powerful fashion people. Yeah it’s about a few seasons behind, but that’s (unfortunately) how mainstream fashion works.

I actually considered investing in the real thing ($725, last year but I’m kind of glad I didn’t. As manufacturers finally caught on that Marc was setting a trend (what a surprise!) in fall 2006, they hopped right on the train.

But if you want to save an extra couple hundred (and who doesn’t) for an imitation from Charlotte Russe ($6.99,, I probably won’t notice when you’re walking down the street.

A colored option may be a little more fitting for this season. I’m a huge fan of odd-colored classics and this is no exception. Loosely hang this pink version from Forever 21 ($7.80, and any basic outfit will become lively. Maybe try this scarf under a coat for a bit of color pop…Hmmm…

The beauty of this accessory is its versatility. Wrap it around your neck with the hundreds of different ways or, my personal favorite, tie it on the handle of your boring handbag. See, runway looks aren’t that hard to achieve!

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