The Industrial Zipper

Statements are everywhere nowadays. Statement ruffles, statement bows, statement fringes, this, and that. However, we sometimes forget to emphasize the little things in life. Designers this season have highlighted the most seaming part of an outfit to become the exterior. Of course I’m talking about the big industrial zipper.

The king of minimalism – Narciso Rodriguez – filled his runway with edgy details this spring. A big feature to his hip factor was the zippers. The bright yellow dress (pictured above) would have been just another fluorescent dress without the element in the front.

I found a strikingly similar dress from Kenneth Cole Reaction ($ 77.40,, left) that still goes above the sweatshop price tag, but is a more affordable splurge.

Now if you’re not willing to spend that much on a dress, you may try doing it yourself. Personally, I’ve converted many sweaters into jackets by simply sewing on a zipper in the front. Yeah, it hurts to cut a big slash in the middle of a beautiful blouse, but the reward will be great. At Joann’s (, we found zippers for a mere $3.99. If you’re too scared to lay one on smack dab in the middle, try a conspicuous zip like Lanvin (pictured right) did this spring.

This summer, there are countless ways to dress up (or down) with a raw edge simply by a stand-out zipper in an outfit. Just make sure you don’t reveal your surprises too much!

Trend Journalist,
John Kim

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  1. Wow, I was shopping at Nordstrom yesterday back home and saw this gorgeous, I mean GORGEOUS Prada dress that had an industrial zipper all along back.

    Beautiful blue color, almost like a 60's style dress in shape (gah! I wish I knew what that style was called, sorry). Way expensive. Like Manufacturer's recommended price was $800+.

    *Sigh* still dreaming about it