Inspirations for Christmas, from Polyvore

Finally, 'tis the season! Gift wrap, hot chocolate, and hoping someone remembered you pointing out those shoes at the mall. Christmas time means fashion limbo, a time when anything goes. It's a great chance to experiment with those once-a-year holiday pieces, but there's no reason you can't look classy and fabulous while doing so. So get out those snowman socks, the Christmas brooch, the Santa hat, and full speed ahead! But please, unless you're going to an ugly sweater party, leave any sequined/rhinestoned/embellished monstrosities buried in your closet. And remember, the goal is to be innovative, not give g-ma a heart attack.

Christmas Party! by fionamehta

These are "vores" drawn up on, the free web application that lets you mix and match images to give and get inspiration for style.

pantsed christmas by fionamehta

Golden Christmas by fionamehta

christmas sox ! by fionamehta

Have a lot of time on your hands now that finals are over and you're done catching up on your favorite shows? Polyvore is just the new addicting thing you need! Take it from a veteran, it's pretty daunting to first start, but once you're hooked, there's no turning back. Polyvore gives you a blank canvas and all the tools needed to create a perfect outfit. It has an endless database of shoes, bags, accessories, backgrounds, props, etc ranging from Forever 21 to net-a-porter to MySpace images (seriously).

If you had those Balanciagas, how would you wear them? If you were going to a movie premiere, please show me how much fiercer than Lauren Conrad you'd be. So go ahead, pick a theme, and give it a try. Be sure to send us (info [at] your polyvores and we might just feature them on the BARE blog!

Fiona Mehta, BARE writer and stylist


  1. awww such cute outfits!!

  2. Love the second outfit! Can't wait to get addicted to Polyvore!

  3. Hello Polyvore! Goodbye my grades this semester!