Is Menswear Becoming More Feminine?


So with the 2,700 unique viewers BARE blog got last month, I feel like I’ve neglected the small population of male readers out there. I mean not all the readers are women right?

Has anyone else noticed the very limited spectrum of men’s clothing out there? The most radical change of fashion that’s happened recently is the skinny jean. Besides that, not much is socially acceptable. However, there has been a recent trend of big-time designers creeping menswear away from the usual matching suit combo.

So lets start with visionary Miuccia Prada and her Fall 2008 collection. Not only was she not afraid to add in sash belts, but also the hunky models were quite comically seen in sheen mini skirts over pants (pictured above). An even bigger eye-opener was when 3.1 Philip Lim adorned his models with satin, a wide jeweled belt, and a high-waisted pant all in one outfit. Most recently Lagerfeld showed the body conscious side of men in his 2009 Pre-Fall Chanel collection with a calf-length coat that hugs the body unlike most. And lastly, I would like to point out Marc Jacobs’ genius prophecy in last year’s Marc by Marc ad.

We may secretly chuckle at the sight of men six feet tall with eyeliner and ruffles, but I really do think that the men’s arena of fashion is slowly becoming androgynous. This hopefully means that in ten years, guys will have the same wide variety that girls have. I’m excited for that time, but as of now baby steps are all I ask.

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John Kim

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  1. Yay John! Great post! I think it would be SO interesting that menswear might go so far!