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Gurnani put out the most clothes of any designer for the STATEMENT show with eight pieces total. It was clear that Gurnani had fun with the clothes; the colors of the fabrics were delightful and dainty, but dressed up with golds and metallic silvers to add the royal je-ne-sais-quoi that he was aiming for.

With a collection titled "Portraits of a Modern Princess," this color scheme, and the way the fabrics flowed playfully, was well-matched; the only critique we had for Gurnani was the attention to detail any princess - modern or not - would demand seemed to be lacking, with some fraying fabric edges and visible velcro. His collection may have benefited from being parred down by one or two outfits, with more of a focus on craftsmanship.

amit 2

Nice Cal colors.


Gurnani wonderfully matched the tight silver mini with the pink. The sultry detailing on the silver fabric complemented the pink piece perfectly.

amit 1


  1. Hi there!

    Just dropped by to say you do a great job!


  2. I think I remember another outfit that Amit had that was quite good. It's not pictured here. I think it was really beautiful and well-crafted.

    But I agree I think that the ones that are here have a few unclean edges.