Recap: Poetry Without Borders

Yesterday, the Berkeley Poetry Review set up one of their bi-annual charity events to help the relief in Darfur. Aside from the open mic, a hip DJ filled the room with music. Overall it was an atmosphere to enjoy. There was lots of lounging, conversing, and art to be inspired by. Though the thrift sale wasn’t abundant, it was filled with quality goods, which the organizers Priscilla Frank and Hallie Kutak claimed they got donated or for dirt-cheap. Definitely quality over quantity.


Organizers Priscilla Frank (left) and Hallie Kutak (right)


Art on display


Oh so cool!

Trend Journalist,
John Kim


  1. Wow, that art is so wonderful! I love those really large-scale works. They all seem really neat, where did they get those from?

  2. When do they have a new issue out? Does anyone know where you can get copies?

  3. You can get a copy from them by emailing for a discounted issue. Otherwise you can pick one up at University Press, Moe's Books, etc. They are in all the major Berkeley book stores. I think they are also taking submissions so you should look at their website.

  4. Oh my gosh, you girls look so cute in that top photo!