The Shoe Shopping Experience

It's finally here, the last round of finals is drawing near and what better way to celebrate than with shoes! Modista is an online store that carries many different brands and the closest thing you're going to get to the real shopping experience. Rather than browsing shoes by style or brand Modista is a visually based site that allows readers to select shoes they like so that they can be offered a new selection of shoes that are similar in quality to the original. A little less emphasis on the label and a little more emphasis on the actual shoe doesn't sound like such a terrible thing. The best part? Modista was created by to UC Berkeley PhD's so an interview will hopefully be on its way soon.


  1. Dude, this is frickin awesome! I feel like I'm in shoe heaven!

    But my only issue is it sucks because sometimes I see two shoes or three on one page that I really like but then I have to choose and can't find the other shoe I really liked too! Urgh.

    Really cool site though. Loads really fast too. Nice! Can't wait for an interview, b/c they have more than shoes there too. Would love, LOVE if they ever expand this to clothing because I would love to see cheap[er] versions of expensive looks. Really cool/usable idea.

  2. I love this site!