SpaMafia fights dirty

Ever walk through the bath and body isle of Whole Foods? I do. You know what I find? A sea of earth colored bottles and jars, recycled paper labels, soy printing, henna patterns, logos with everything from Buddha to Lotus Flowers in earthy and pastel tones. I feel as if I should be meditating, while bending over into a downward dog to reach for these holy products. Why do I feel this way? Am I being hypnotized by all the melodic colors, the pseudo Arabic logo’s, the deliberate use of word “free”.

These products are Dairy Free, Pesticide Free, Peanut Free, Paraben Free, etc. They are all so somber and serious. I’m conflicted. Yes, I love bath and body products that are natural, but I also have a personality. Should I feel as if I need to raise wheatgrass, and grow my own vegetables in order to shop for organic bath and body products?

I don’t practice yoga, I don’t have a “spa voice”, I like cheese, and I love my DVR… more than is healthy or natural. I can’t find an organic company that represents the rest of us. I decided to go my own way. My partner and I created a company with quality ingredients, while keeping a fun and satire theme.

We have taken the world of organic bath and body products, made them organic, and gave them a sense of humor. We created a natural, Paraben free, organic, bath and body company called “SpaMafia”. SpaMafia is an Italian Mafia themed organic bath and body company. SpaMafia is a Family of Products Fighting Dirty. Choose from Cane Sugar Scrubs, Body Whips, Organic Spa Lotions, Bubble Baths, Bath Salts, African Fair Trade Shea Oil for Massage, Shave Gel, and Glycerin Soaps. SpaMafia has a completely web based day spa that is accessible by logging on to

SpaMafia welcomes you to purchase our organic, and all natural products on-line. Sign up for our monthly newsletter online, contribute to our blog, read the Italian Mafia character bio’s , and join our family. We deliver the goods right to your home, office, or anywhere in the US.

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  1. They actually have the best smells to their lotions and stuff. I really like this grapefruit one they have. Very nice! Really really really good for gifts.