Stylish n' Studious

We sent out our style scouts, Rucha and Tricia, today during BARE production to find stylish students among the books. Here's who they found:


Name: Andy N.
Major: Practice of Art
From: North England
Found in: Doe Library, North Reading Room
Working on: A website for a computer class
Wearing: Black Levi's, Upper Playground t-shirt, American Apparel sweater, yellow leather jacket, Nike High Tops
Favorite place to study: Moffitt or Main Stacks


Name: Eric S.
Major: Structural Engineering
Found in: Doe Library, North Reading Room
Working on: Reinforced concrete (... yeah, we don't know what that means either)
Wearing: Red Converse, black Levi's, grey pullover from Gap, Ben Sherman jacket
Favorite place to study: North Reading Room


Name: Luis V.
Major: Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB)
Found in: Free Speech Movement cafe (FSM)
Studying: Genetics, on his laptop
Wearing: J-Crew shirt, Express pants, vintage sweater, Saks Fifth Avenue shoes
Favorite place to study: North Reading Room


A close up of those Schmooves

Name: Carl ("Carl with a 'C'")
Studies: Law
From: Exchange student from Sweden
Studying: Business law
Wearing: Schmoove shoes (turn on your music if you click here), black Levi's (yes, again, black Levi's), Lacoste shirt, Ralph Lauren sweater, Paul Smith scarf


Name: Nicole
Major: ISF (Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major)
Studying: Sociology
Found in: Main Stacks
Wearing: vintage boots and sweater, Levi's (again!), American Apparel top
Favorite place to study: I-House cafe


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  2. Nicole's sweater seems SOOO comfortable! I love studying in comfy big sweaters like that!

  3. Its a one of a kind that one...found it in a thrift store in leeds, never seen anything like it since.
    I'm loving the fact that we're all wearing the same trousers

  4. I would not have guessed Levi's would be such a popular choice on campus! It's kind of cool though b/c Haas Biz program is named for the Haas family who served as CEO for Levi's for a really long time!

  5. its the working class denim!
    although where I'm from Levi's are a treat you get at christmas or birthdays...they ain't cheap in the UK.
    Its nice to see political and economic connections to the school though.

    I've just been introduced to this blog from the photo that was taken. It's a really awesome space, I'd love to get involved

  6. Andy,

    I am so happy you like the BARE blog! It has been fun keeping it up-to-date, we've certainly got a lot of people working really hard on it! A lot of the BARE staff member students contribute, so glad we snapped your picture and that you might be interested in contributing!

    Email me at doreen [at], I can tell you more about BARE and getting involved, etc.

    Doreen Bloch

    BARE magazine
    Editor-in-Chief, Publisher

  7. But WHERE did he find that amazing yellow leather jacket?