BARE's winter break adventures :: Karen Kwok

This winter break, I went to both Hong Kong and Paris, which by the way was REALLY cold. I took a lot of photos of myself attempting to look trendy in the cold weather, and I tried taking pics of people randomly on the streets. Unfortunately, I wasn't confident to ask them in French, so it ended up being me creepily snapping shots at them. A collection of photos that I have chosen are below:

One-of-a-kind Hermes bags, embellished with jewels. On display at the Hermes store on St. Germaine in Paris.

The name of the game is to put on as many layers as possible without going out looking like a blob. Walking towards Champs-Elysees feeling very cold.

When I travel, I try my best to look like locals and not be pinpointed as a tourist. Enjoying a nice cafe au lait after a mid-afternoon stroll at the Louvre.

The French really love their reds.

Everyone on the streets for some reason looks trendy to me. Fancy hats, designer bags, cashmere scarf, and boots seem like a must.

Translated as "Seafood Street," a famous area in Sai Kung that boasts many excellent seafood restaurants serving a large range of seafoods. Here I am seen wearing my newest addition to my wardrobe, my favorite leather jacket, with all its zippers and details, from a local Hong Kong designer Blues Hero -- a brand known for its fine leather.

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  1. Oh my gosh, those bags in the first picture are ridiculous Karen! So beautiful! It is incredible how much craftsmanship goes into the storefronts in Paris at the flagship stores.