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Alright, so I admit I’m not a big jewelry person. Sometimes I find it absurd that women splurge thousands of dollars on something that looks as useless as a Persian cat. I mean how many times can you sport that thing in public (personally I can only think of the occasional holiday dinner)? However, I have oddly come across many fashionistas gleaming themselves with accessories shaped like chain links. Call my bluff on this trend, but I think it’s a real keeper.

I’ll start off with the not-so-practical jewelry I was degrading earlier. Swarovski designed a chain link bracelet that even left me gawking ($95, Not too bad of a price tag, but I think we can go even lower (please comment if I start to sound like a game show host). Marc by Marc Jacobs made cute versions of this trend, which look like derivatives of the classic charm bracelet, with a dangling Miss Marc ($78,!

As you know, the blogosphere has bred a new generation of innovative fashion icons. Two notable bloggers, Style Rookie ( and Style Bubble ( have been spotted with chains on their necks. Before you go on thinking about Kanye’s bling, let me clarify that these are no ordinary links. The brighter, more obnoxious it is, the more of a hoot it’ll be. Since I can’t find a retail version of this necklace (I’m guessing cause it’s such a primitive idea), I think this calls for another DIY project. Take inspirations from these bloggers; don’t shy away from color or texture. Experiment with color themes (but please, no Cal colors), always remembering that being dramatic is key.

If any of you attempt this project, we would love to see your input. Send us various pictures on your interpretation of this trend and email them to, and we’ll post a follow-up if the crowd is responsive. Get to it fellow bloggers! Sew away!

Trend Journalist,

John Kim

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