Lil B from Pack has style

On Friday, UC Berkeley's entertainment group SUPERB put on a concert featuring two popular musical acts from Berkeley, the Cataracts and the Pack, the latter of which is most famous for the popular rap song "Vans." The concert was free and exclusively for UC Berkeley students.

Music aside, though, I was mostly impressed with the outfit of the Pack member Brandon McCartney, who goes by the stage name Lil B.

Lil B stood out from his urban streetwear-clad band mates, sporting pink skinny jeans, a blue long sleeve shirt, layers of African-inspired necklaces, and sunglasses with brightly colored frames.

Well done.

Nastia Voynovskaya
BARE reporter

Images by: Hannah Howerton


  1. Was he wearing Vans?

  2. I love that first picture of him! He looks so confident and cool, like "what's up". Such a good performance, I love the Pack!

  3. He always wears vans