The lipstick index, and a BARE meeting tonight

For the academic-minded beauty brains reading BARE today, do lipstick sales really go up during recessions? See what The Economist had to say about it this week in their article titled, "Lip Reading."

Reportedly, Leonard Lauder, chairman of beauty brand Estee Lauder, coined the term "lipstick index" in 2001, when despite a recession, lipstick sales increased 11% in the US.

And, stop by at the BARE meeting tonight. 8pm. 110 Barrows. We will be assigning roles for Issue #5 - photography, writing, illustrating, styling, etc.


  1. You should really list the date of the meetings

  2. Is it 2 late to become apart of Bare?

  3. You can always become a part of BARE; there are always a million things to do! =)

    Email info [at]

    Hope the date on the meeting was not too confusing; it does say "tonight" in the title. =)