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This winter break, I went to Israel, via New York City. It was a little tough to pack for both, considering NYC was pretty cold while Israel has that usually warm Mediterranean climate, but I ended up bringing a puffy jacket and boots that was perfect for both locales (Israel was definitely colder than we expected it to be). In NYC, I stopped by Opening Ceremony, the retail hot spot in Soho that was founded by two Cal grads. Photos are below, as well as a random spotting of a Topshop in Jerusalem:

Approaching Opening Ceremony. I wasn't sure what we would find because their website is so sparse. They are very mysterious about their store.

Greeted by Hello Kitty. Opening Ceremony blends Japanese and American aesthetics.

The detail on a dress on a mannequin near the front of the store. They had gorgeous purses from Comme des Garcons (a Japanese fashion label, despite its French name) inside the store in golds, lime greens, and teals that would have gone perfectly with this dress for a cocktail party. If only I had the moolah (and place or occasion!) to wear them.

I loved this display. The colors are really wonderfully combined. It is easily identified, but those tights are Rodarte -- another UC Berkeley alum team -- Opening Ceremony had Rodarte's signature tights on a bunch of displays in the store.

On Shabbat, I was walking with a group to the Old City of Jerusalem to go to the Western Wall when I saw a Topshop! Unfortunately, I couldn't go in because on Shabbat all the stores close down in Israel. This is in the Mamilla shopping center of Jerusalem, a place they seem to be gentrifying; a highly upscale Ritz-Carlton is being built across the street and they had a bunch of other really nice retail stores lining the promenade as well.

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