Berkeley's Oasis for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day could not have come at a better time. You're a few weeks into the semester. The backpack starts taking its toll, on your posture and your love life. Get both back in check this weekend, at The Berkeley Sauna.

It is a getaway right here in Berkeley. I have had two massages there since the summer, and had the opportunity to try out the sauna. It is amazing. Their classic 60-minute massage (that's the one I recommend) will totally rejuvenate you, and getting to spend a few hours at The Berkeley Sauna with your boy- or girl-friend, or even a group of friends, will give you that oasis trip from Cal you've been wishing for lately.

Pair this experience with a box of chocolates or a romantic dinner after your Berkeley Sauna trip, and you will have the perfect Valentine's Day this year. It's not inexpensive though, so to help you plan out this incredible Love Day gift, mention BARE magazine and you get $10 off any massage. It's an affordable luxury with incredible service (it is the best service I have ever seen in Berkeley; they have some patrons who have been coming to the sauna every month for 20 years), all there so that you can relax and get away for a few hours from the busy Berkeley student life.

Call them today: 510.845.2341. There are amazing and all-relaxing spa services for every body. For this weekend's relaxing day in Berkeley,
The Berkeley Sauna is the spot.

Waiting for the hot tub.

A salt scrub massage (above). A hot rock massage (above, in text).

End of the visit, paying and reserving when to come back again!

Images by Nathan Lui

Doreen Bloch
BARE Founding Editor, Publisher


  1. Little tip: you can splash water on the rocks in the sauna! It becomes like a steam room, it's really nice!

  2. This is the first article about St.Valentine's I found that shows girls celebrating together. I am single this year, and thought the holiday wasn't for me. Now I see it's ok to do it with my girlfriends!