Christian Louboutin... for shoe collectors

Yes, I'm one of those girls who tell themselves every night that one day I'll own a pair of Louboutin's. The sleek heel and signature red bottoms, practically every girl's dream... However with the regular collection of Louboutin heels priced around $700-1000 US, this is an expensive dream.

Christian Louboutin recently released a pair of $5660US Marie Antoinette-inspired heel; the price you're paying for is not only for the signature red bottoms, but also the meticulous embellishments and ribbons, hand-embroidered by Jean-Francois Lesage. Although, unlike the classic styles, these heels are definitely not something you could wear everyday.

If I were to have that spare change to buy it and be able to get my hands on this limited-edition piece, I would put it in a glass box for display, with a sign saying "My Louboutin's, do not touch". 

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