DG for Charity Denim :: In search for the perfect pair of jeans

I know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans that fit nicely around your hips, highlights your figure, and if you're lucky, makes your legs look longer than they actually are! So far, my favorite's the J-brand skinny jeans. Here are a few girls who were in search for their perfect pair of jeans at DG while doing charity for their foundation, Service for Sights.

Name: Marie
Year: Sophomore
How she found out: Facebook invite
Jeans bought: Sevens
Prefers: Straight to skinny cuts, but currently looking for flared ones. Owns a few branded jeans but is more price-oriented.

Name: Sarah
Year: Junior
How she found out: Been coming for the sale every semester
Jeans considering: Union
Prefers: Designer, because they’re more durable and have a better fit. Usually likes boot cut jeans.

Name: Alyssa (left)
Year: Sophomore
Name: Tara (right)
Year: Sophomore

Images by Nathan Lui

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  1. Aww! They had tents for changing rooms!? That's such a cute idea!

    I wish I could've made it to the sale. It seems like they had a great collection of stuff!

    Does anyone know how much any of the jeans cost? You guys should've included that! Darn! =)