The Drop Crotch Pants

The first time I read about drop crotch pants in a
Nylon article early last fall, I could not believe the absurdity. The article, though I cannot remember its exact words, contained something of a word of warning, telling girls to be prepared to loosen up and get ready to wear the crotch of their pants a little lower.

As anyone who has browsed through a recent issue of
Vogue would know, the drop crotch is a staple of a lot of Spring 2009 collections for both men and women. Of course, back in early fall my initial reaction was of disgust. I thought, has fashion exhausted all of its creative resources to the point that designers, what I call "the fashion gods," would have us "the petty mortals" to wear something so bizarrely ugly?

My first real life experience with drop crotch pants was in October when I visited one of my favorite stores,
Zara, and there they were. Black, straight legged slacks with the crotch down to the knees. I could not believe that the day had come, that these were actually going to be sold in stores and people were going to buy them, let alone wear them in public. The fashion apocalypse was here and we were all doomed, I thought.

Now as the last of Fall/Winter 2008 collections are being picked off the clearance racks, my hardheaded ways are, too, a thing of the past. A couple of days ago, I cracked. I went to San Francisco and bought a pair of drop crotch pants. Though they are not the most drastic pair, it's a start. I still maintain that drop crotch pants are neither an attractive nor a flattering piece of clothing, but I have a newfound amusement and appreciation for their freshness.

I remember when I was in high school, super low-rise pants were very in. Every time a girl sat down, everyone behind her would see half of her behind. For the past couple of years, high-waisted pants have dominated. Sure, these are classic and will always have their place, but I think our generation needs to have something to claim as uniquely ours. That something is drop crotch pants. For you all skeptics out there, drop crotch pants range from drastically low to only slightly baggy. Mine, needless to say, fit the latter description. Let me just say, they are super comfortable and can be paired with a feminine top (lace and lively colors being a must this spring) and heels to dress them up, or a t-shirt with sandals or flats for a more casual ensemble.

Perhaps in a year we will scoff at the drop crotch and call it a 2009 fashion faux pas, but right now it doesn't matter. What matters now is that we have a uniquely creative garment that is so preposterous that we call it beautiful, and we should embrace it. Fashion is an art, don't forget. As drop crotch pants make if off the runway to more affordable stores, I am more and more convinced that the time has come to loosen things up down there.

Nastia Voynovskaya
BARE Staffer


  1. Ha! This is a great article. Nicely written Nastia. Don't think I'll ever be made to get a pair of these though.

  2. This is great Nastia..I'm tempted to experiment...but I think it will be one of those things only girls appreciate and guys don't understand!

  3. I love drop crotch pants! They're so comfortable- it has the look of a skirt but the comfort of pants. At first I was a little hesitant as well, but I decided to take a risk anyway and get a pair. Now Im so glad I bought them!

  4. It`s for sure a question of aesthetics and when you can find something which is subjectively better, not only because the abuse of fashion is a competitive thinking... it`s a free world and dresscodes are dead for open minds - "and sadly we lost our coats" - so Ebba and I created our more functional version called geppebba. Since we started our project in 2003 we knew that something must happen... I tell you it is a new segment and this type of trousers have definetly their advantages in comfort but also in the potential to give creative artists a new field to play. I can very good understand sceptics but believe me - my granny has never understood why todays youth drop their pants. Baggies have a so strong influence that "drop crotch" is just a logic consequence

  5. "I think our generation needs to have something to claim as uniquely ours. That something is drop crotch pants"

    Yes, borrowed from 1991.