Fashion Week :: Last day in New York

Rad Hourani himself

Last Friday, Connie and I took the morning to wander around Greenwich and Soho. We mustered up courage to enter the Jil Sander store and stroked some beautiful fringed dresses and drooled at last season's earrings. We only had one show Friday, Rad Hourani, which was black and drapey as usual. But I got to sit front row across from Hamish Bowles and Connie got to sit next to Kate Lanphear - it was a perfect way to end Fashion Week. 

Going to New York, let alone during fashion week, was one of the greatest privileges and experiences of my life. I am so grateful to Connie for first of all, informing me of the opportunity, Doreen and Bare Magazine for allowing the trip to become a reality. It was probably the most stressful and exhilarating ten days - sleeping 5 hours a night, running from show to show while trying to look fabulous and navigating your way through New York's subway system, trying not to faint while seeing all your favorite fashion icons in action, living off Clif bars and Starbucks and every now and then pinching yourself to make sure everything isn't just a dream.

I hope everyone enjoyed sharing the journey with me and I would love to answer any questions or talk more about everything and anything at the BARE meeting.

Tanya D at Rad Hourani

It's all about black at Rad Hourani

totally rocking the DIY-inspired touches 

Ali Stephens at Rad Hourani

Fiona Mehta
BARE Senior Staffer

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  1. Well done Fiona, your blogs were great, I looked forward to them every day! Good job :)