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Our outfit pose for the day- rockin' the muffs

I started off the day with the
Carlos Miele show at the tents. While I was fairly distracted by the possibility of a guitarist-model kafuffle, I was able to enjoy most of the clothes displayed on the runway. There were ruffled boleros, tailored dresses with white trim and silver sequined detailing on black tops and dresses.

After a quick Subway lunch, I headed over to the
Tracy Reese show, which was more packed than I expected it to be, probably due to the front row crowd: Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian, the Hilton sisters (sunglassed and snobby as usual, glued to their blackberries), Kelli Pickler and Miss Jay (if you ever see him in person, do not comment on how tall he is – I'm sure he's aware that he's taller than you would expect). The show wasn't really my cup of tea and honestly I spent more time looking at Nikki and Paris' interactions. There were some cool pieces (gold suit: but all in all the collection was very schoolgirl and uncomplicated- for lack of a better word. They were mostly floral print ruffled tops and bottoms accessorized with black beanies, fur stoles, nerd glasses and gloves.

Camille and I then headed over to the
Bodkin presentation, which consisted of a lot of dyed onesies and coats. I don't really see a problem with that so my report is positive. The presentation was also at The Horticulture Society where they served wine - double positive. We then made our way over the Tony Maticevski show at the all too familiar Altman Building. Because I had never heard of his work before, I was excited to see what his presentation would be like.

Carlos Miele Show- Aline Weber opening with guitarist (no kafuffle)

Arlenis Sosa (so fierce) walking down the runway for Carlos Miele

Tracy Reese front row: Bush, Kardashian,Hiltons, Pickler

Camille's outfit

at Bodkin presentation

the Bodkin line up

Fiona Mehta
Senior Staffer

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