Fashion Week Updates :: Fiona in NYC Cont'd 2

I feel that some might find Tony Maticevski's collection a bit garish, but to be honest, i absolutely loved it. His feminine designs mixing lace, sequins and feathers into beautiful outfits that make a confident woman feel very sexy. It's extravagant and luxe but I could definitely see his dresses on starlets or in editorials. And, the shoes! Can we talk about scandolous? Maticevski was fairly empty so I was able to snag a front row seat and  got my Lanphear sighting of the day. I couldn't have been happier.

After Maticevski I hustled back to the Terexov show in the Tents. I believe the designer takes his inspiration very literally and it was very easy to see the "NYC Night" inspiration behind his designs. There were dresses with rectangular reflectors meant to resemble buildings, a print of the skyline including a moon and lots of spiky jewelry in addition to lush clothing with bows and fur trims.

After the Terexov show was the William Rast show, which I have been waiting for the entire week. The audience was ridiculously star studded: the Hilton sisters, JC Chasez, Ann Wintour, Carine Roitfeld (I almost died seeing her wearing Margiela), Erin from The City in second row, Coco Rocha in the audience, Aubrey O'Day from Danity Kane - apparently Jessica Biel was also there but I did not see her. The clothes were very Erin Wasson, who I am surprised was not there. There was fringed leather jackets, acid wash skinny jeans and studded vests. But I was most concerned with Carine Roitfeld being there, in Margiela!

We stuffed our faces at this cute British restaurant called Tea & Sympathy and then headed over to the Streetpeepers party which was in the Tribeca Grand Hotel (very grand!). The music was 90s, the bar was open and Kate Lanphear was there so all in all, it was a pretty good night.
Tony Maticevski collection
America's next top model


Just amazing!

Even more amazing-ness!

Skycraper, dress, or two-in-one?

The Moon

Fur trim off the shoulder

It's Coco Rocha

Oh yes, that line up...

Queen bee - the Hilton Sisters

Sexy back- it's Justin Timberlake

Fiona Mehta
BARE Senior Staffer


  1. AHHH!! THis looks SOOOO FUN!! AW, those celebs! SO cool you guys got to see Justin and Vogue eds and the Hiltons, so cool. Man I'm jealous! And... you gals look so fierce too! Even with furry earmuffs on! (Yes, I do thin they complete the outfits). =P

  2. Look at the draping on the Maticevski gown.