Fashion Week Updates :: Behnaz, Temperley, Cho Cheng, Max Azria, and Tibi

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Lunch with the Chictopians

I started off the morning by tagging along with Camille (childhoodflames) as she got a tour of the Teen Vogue office. The Conde Nast building is everything you would expect it to be, but the Teen Vogue office is relatively less hectic and less threatening than I imagined.

The fashion closet is majestic and wonderful and I got to hold THESE (bottom one, Alexander Wang). I also got to see "THE BOOK", with Anna's hand-written sticky notes on them (you know like in The Devil Wears Prada... the BOOK!) And yes, I stroked the sticky note.

Connie and I then went to Behnaz Sarafpour which was surprisingly empty, but that means I get better seating, so I can't complain. We spotted Meredith Melling Burke from Vogue looking mighty fierce in those Burberry studded heels from last season (perhaps even two seasons ago). Behnaz's collections are always refined and elegant and this one was no different. Regal fur coats and boleros, tailored pants, tweed jackets, princess ruffle detailing, color block shift dresses, etc.

I was a little concerned about how her "pants" (as listed on the line sheet) looked more like leggings, thus making outfits which bordered on the fug side of the leggings-as-pants debate, but she had ombre stilettos so that redeemed her I suppose. Ombre is making its comeback I swear!

We then headed over to the Temperley showroom where they were doing a presentation, and a meet and greet with the designer. I was pretty excited because I love Temperley and always thought they just showed in London, but a traveling presentation seems like a good alternative. The clothes are absolutely stunning as usual although I had a somewhat difficult time seeing a cohesive "Orient" theme. There were leather studded jackets, harem pants (which is THE item of the season, they're not going away so stock up!), prints that were reminiscent of Vena Cava's SS09 collection inspired by Egyptology, origami-inspired purses, leopard print shoes, and Pucci-esque print and colors on black dresses along with her usual chartreuse and black combination dresses. They were also showing a really cool video installation which you can watch here - the model is absolutely beautiful as are the clothes.

I really enjoyed the format of the presentation, and as a bonus I got to see Alice Temperley's baby whose name is Fox (YES, Fox). Connie and I drooled because fashion babies are the cutest. Temperley's showroom is in SoHo and as we were making our way to a subway station, I saw Georgina Stojiljkovic on the street! She is so unbelievably stunning, tall, and beautiful in real life, it's kind of ridiculous.

We made our way back to the tents and I had a lineup of three shows: Cho Cheng, Max Azria, and Tibi. I liked the first half of the Cho Cheng best because I appreciate equestrian-wear even though it's not necessarily my aesthetic. They put beautiful blazers in bright bold colors (which is nice to see after so much black) over collared, ruffled shirts and paired them with ruffled miniskirts and tutus. It was a little Gwen Stefani/Harajuku/Alice in Wonderland meets Ralph Lauren if that makes any sense at all. The second half of the show, however, had ill-fitting dresses in awkward colors and I couldn't really focus on anything except how the boobs in all the dresses made the models look disproportionate and deformed. Good music though!

After Cho Cheng, was Max Azria, which already had a massive line snaking around the tent. Bryant Park actually is comprised of three runways: "the Tent," the "Promenade," and "the Salon," the first of which is largest and most hectic. Standing during these shows is treacherous but probably not worth sitting in someone else's seat and getting kicked out (did that completely on accident because I thought they had started to fill in the empty seats and they hadn't and someone had to tell me to leave and it was embarrassing).

The point of that lesson was that I ended up standing at Max Azria which means I couldn't see much, which means I can't report much on the clothing. Also I had like four cocktails before I went into the show (hey, they're free and give you something to do in between shows), so that might also contribute to the fuzzy memory. Okay, so I know that's totally unprofessional, but I swear it also gave me the audacity to go (sneak...) backstage into the dressing rooms, where models were getting ready for Tibi. I was a bit starstruck, but managed to compose myself to ask Lakshmi Menon, Tanya Dziahileva, and Behati Prinsloo for their pictures. The Tibi show wasn't my favorite but it was the first time I got to see Tanya Dziahileva walk and the photographers seem to absolutely love her because they would cheer and clap whenever she came down the runway (it was kind of awkward and funny and I thought unprecedented).

Anyways, that's pretty much all for now. Dinner and writing and catching up on Rodarte (Ah!) for later.

xo, Fiona

Linda's bag she found mysteriously

Behnaz Sarafpour - Ombre shoes!

Behnaz Sarafpour's attempt to be feisty with cutout dresses

Temperly - Oragami detailing

Temperly - Harem-y pants

Close up of the origami detailing

Temperly + Pucci

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